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Meet the Health Inc Chiropractic Team

Hull Doctor of Chiropractic, Vicky Cole

Doctor of Chiropractic, Vicky Cole

Painful Migraines Were Helped by Chiropractic

Vicky’s dad started seeing a chiropractor for his back when she was 13. After discussing the migraines Vicky suffered from with the chiropractor, he brought her in for a checkup. The chiropractor found subluxations in her neck, so she started care.

“I started care and quickly realised this is what I had been looking for. Good health is our greatest asset, and after living with pain for so long I began to forget what it felt like to be well.”

Vicky soon stopped taking the ten medications she was on for her migraines. The chiropractor empowered her to take care of her health by doing exercises and examining her diet. “For as long as I can remember, I have had a love for science. I knew I would choose a scientific career.” It was this holistic approach and her love of science that inspired her to become a chiropractor. Read more…

Professional Training and Associations

Vicky went on to the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic after completing her A-levels. During her time at university she met some truly inspirational people. It was there that she learnt that chiropractic is about restoring nervous system function through achieving maximum spinal health. After her challenging full-time university training, Vicky became a member of:

  • The General Chiropractic Council
  • The United Chiropractic Association
  • The British Chiropractic Association

She also regularly attends courses and lectures to stay up-to-date on the latest information and research within chiropractic and overall health.

Outside of the Practice

Vicky is originally from Doncaster, where some of her family still remains. She now lives in Hull and stays healthy by going to the gym, running, and doing CrossFit. Through her patients and her own personal experiences, Vicky developed a specific interest in diet and exercise and shares her health expertise with our community through corporate events.

The staff are lovely, so easy to talk to and Dr. Vicky (Chiropractor) really knows what she’s talking about but explains it in a way that actually makes sense! I thought my first visit would be really awkward but it wasn’t at all, I was looked after very well and we had a laugh! I would definitely recommend this to friends and family with no hesitation. Jade C.

Sports and Rehabilitation Therapist, Ben Rayworth

Sports and Rehabilitation Therapist, Ben Rayworth


Bens initial interest in this field was sparked when he used to play rugby, and had various injuries, but specifically his two knee dislocations, that varied in severity. The recovery for these injuries was intense but the different ways to heal the injury ignited his interest into how the body works and what is needed to help fix the body.

Ben went to University of Hull and studied Sports Rehabilitation after completing his A-levels. During his time at the university, he gained a lot of knowledge of how the body works and how easily the body can become out of tune. He was sent on multiple different placements through physiotherapy clinic, pitch side physiotherapy and it was on his chiropractic placement that he realised chiropractic would be his next step in his health journey.

Currently Ben is attending McTimoney chiropractic college and will be soon completing his Master of Chiropractic degree.

Outside of the clinic

Bens interests outside of the clinic range from going to the gym, to going to mixed martial art classes and taking his dog on hikes. Through his interests he has found different ways to adapt exercises to target specific body parts to help restore function.

Found this to be a remarkable experience, very informative. Thank you. Linda A.

Susan Whittaker – Receptionist

Susan Whittaker, Receptionist at Hull

Receptionist ,
Susan Whittaker

Susan started working at Health Inc Chiropractic in August 2013 as a receptionist. Before working with Dr Vicky Cole (Chiropractor) she thought chiropractors only dealt with back pains but now she understands what a chiropractor actually does. Dr Cole (Chiropractor) has given her several adjustments and she is really feeling the benefit of those. She is sleeping much better, has more energy, has a better posture and her tension headaches “are a thing of the past”. Susan now believes that seeing your chiropractor on a regular basis is equally as important as your visits to the dentist. She would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Health Inc Chiropractic to anyone, just give it a go and you will definitely feel the benefit.Read more…

Susan lives locally with her mother and they have two small dogs at home. She likes to keep fit and has always enjoyed walking (with or without dogs) and having had the chiropractic adjustments she feels has helped her here also. When she arrives at the clinic to start work she switches on the computer, radio, and the TV screen (which is fixed into a wall). The TV shows various slides of chiropractic and healthy eating and nutrition. These slides are for the patients who are sat in the reception area so they can understand more fully about chiropractic and the benefits that go with the same. At the end of each day she ensures that the reception area is neat and tidy ready for the following day.