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What is laser therapy?

Laser therapy (AKA photobiomodulation) applies lasers or light emitting diodes (LEDS) to the surface of the body. Medical research has identified a specific set of wavelengths that stimulate cellular metabolism accelerating and enhancing the body’s own healing abilities. As a result skin, tendons, ligaments and muscles are repaired faster with reduced inflammation, scarring and pain. 

Thor laser therapy


Conditions that may be helped with laser therapy:

  • Tendon injuries

  • Sprains / strains

  • Neck pain

  • Back pain

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Post-operative pain

  • Tissue healing



Are there any side effects or associated risks?

Very few side effects have been reported, the healing response is more active after treatment which may occasionally aggravate symptoms for up to 48hours after treatment. 

How often should I be treated? 

New injuries may be treated daily, particularly if they are accompanied by significant pain. Long term problems respond better when treatments are received 2-3 times a week tapering to once every other week with improvement. 

How many treatments does it take?

This depends on the condition being treated. For newer conditions 1-6 treatments may be sufficient. Long standing complaints may require 10-15 (or more) treatments. Conditions such as severe arthritis may require ongoing periodic care to control pain. 

How long before results are felt?

You may feel improvement (usually pain relief and increased mobility) after the very first treatment. Sometimes you will not feel improvement for several treatments. This does not mean the condition is not improving. Each treatment is cumulative with results often being felt after 3-4 sessions. 

Can laser therapy be used in conjunction with other forms of treatment?

Laser therapy is often used with other forms of treatment including Chiropractic, Physical therapy, Osteopathy, Massage and even following surgery.