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COVID 19 Level heads prevail

Level heads prevail


The safety of you, your families and our community is our primary concern. The COVID 19 virus is a serious concern but it is important that we remain rational, understand the facts, ignore unfounded rumours and above all do what is best for our families and communities.


The government has shared the following information to help us understand the facts. Click here to see the governments pages.


Most people who do catch the virus don’t know they’ve had it, or recover quickly.  If actions need to be taken its to protect those who cannot fight the disease off due to a weakened immune system or other medical complications.


Whilst the COVID 19 virus is frightening…. What you don’t hear so much of is the 17,000 deaths a year from regular flu (estimate by Public Health England). This data isn’t meant to lessen concerns over the COVID 19 virus it is to put things into perspective about being concerned and protecting your self from all infections; taking reasonable actions without putting undue stress on the health care system.


To that end, Health Inc is remaining open for business to continue to offer healing and support unless circumstances change. The whole team will be here to take care of you unless they are not feeling well, so they can stay home and take care of themselves.


We are taking extra care with the cleaning and disinfecting, cleaning the tables frequently as well as other hard surfaces, i.e. door handles, etc. We will be keeping the windows open and checking in with you, asking people who may be showing symptoms to stay away.


Our most immediate concern for you is keeping your IMMUNE SYSTEM healthy.


Your immune system is a living organism. It adapts and responds to input. Each time you are exposed to a germ, bacteria, virus, fungus etc. your immune systems grows and creates a natural immunity which works for you when exposed again in the future. Right now it is important to strengthen your Immune System to handle any increased demands. This will serve you well into your future. By keeping you and your family healthy, you are lessening the burden for our hospitals to care for those who really need it.


My personal immune system kit includes the following:


  • Vitamins D and C,
  • Omega 3
  • Regular exercise
  • Getting controlled sunlight and fresh air
  • Drinking plenty of water


If you are feeling under the weather, please call us to let us know ahead of time so we can schedule you for a quieter time during the day or reschedule to a later date where necessary.

None of us are likely immune from the virus, but with a strong immune system our bodies will respond readily and appropriately as they are designed to do.


The most reliable reports so far indicate that the most vulnerable are the elderly with a medical condition. Some scientists are recognising that cardiac patients seem to be at higher risk in Covid-19 because these patients with the comorbidities of hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular disease are taking medications that may be putting them at greater risk, specifically the ACE inhibitors such as Ramipril, Lisinipril and Losarten. This comes as scientists begin to understand how the corona virus gets into cells.


Other factors that may increase risk for severe complications to coronavirus are previous flu vaccines.


China has found injections of high levels of vitamin C are helping these vulnerable populations. Shanghai Government Officially Recommends Vitamin C for COVID-19.


South Korea recently reported that with more cases being tested now, the mortality rate is down to 0.6% instead of 3.4%.


While there are currently only nine cases of COVID-19 identified in East Yorkshire as of now (17.03.2020), there will be more cases. There is no question that a communicable disease is spreading.  But this has been the case before COVID-19 and will be the case long after. Peaks and valleys will unfold as far as how much and how bad as they do every year. i.e. – Some flu seasons are reported as mild. Some more extreme.


Are we dealing with a ‘different animal’ right now?  Hard to say. Reports and experts conflict.

It’s very difficult to separate irrational hysteria from fact.

Welcome to the human condition.


Personally, my team and I, along with my family, plan to work, study and live as we normally do but will be washing our hands more frequently, and getting adjusted more as well. (I’ve doubled up my chiropractic visits personally) and if we experience any flu-like symptoms, we will be staying home to take care of ourselves.


Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or concerns.


Yours in health from the inside out


PS As a precautionary measure we are urging all patients to like and follow Health Inc on social media so we can more easily contact everyone should we have to self isolate



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